The M-Series retractable truck bed cover provides you the security of a hard cover, smooth appearance of a soft cover, and convenience of a retractable cover. Its durable vinyl-over-aluminum hybrid cover design is dedicated to four season protection and optimal bed security. It tackles durability while remaining exceptionally easy to operate with its unique frictionless construction and insulated grip lever. Simply use its key to unlock the cover and begin to open towards the cab as it retracts into its compact canister. The M-Series can open, lock and close without even opening the truck’s tailgate and locks in multiple open positions.


Built-in tailgate lock keeps your gear protected and secure, while a key slot cover prevents the lock from freezing, Non-slip insulator grip eliminates the risk of burning your fingers in hot weather, Drainage fittings prevent water from building up in the housing unit.


BEDSLIDE – Turn your truck bed into and easy-access sliding drawer.
DECKED – Storage System that organizes and safely stores your gear.
BEDRUG –  Ultra-tough, 100% polypropylene protective bed cover.


3 year limited warranty. This warranty is to the original owner and is non-transferable. Roll-N-Lock makes every effort to assure that its products meet high standards to the purchaser of our products that each product be free from defects in materials and workmanship.

◊ Easy clamp-on design makes installation quick and simple

◊ Built-in tailgate lock keeps your gear protected and secure, while a key slot cover prevents the lock from freezing

◊ Non-slip insulator grip eliminates the risk of burning your fingers on a searing truck bed cover in hot weather


Your new Roll-N-Lock M-Series Tonneau Cover will make any other truck bed cover obsolete with its retractable low-profile design, superior construction and intuitive, easy to use features. Getting to your gear couldn’t be easier with the frictionless sliding design. And the only snaps you should be dealing with are the ones you can’t help making when Footloose comes on. What we’re saying is, opening and closing this tonneau cover will be as smooth as Kevin Bacon’s one-liners.

When two worlds combine, you get the best of both. The Roll-n-Lock M-Series blends the ease of a roll-up tonneau cover with the strength and resilience of a solid truck bed cover. What’s the secret to a tonneau cover that protects your payload so well? Honestly, probably a lot of coffee. But also the fact that the slatted aluminum frame is physically connected with a rotating hinge that interlocks each slat together. This produces superior strength and a cover that rolls up into a surprisingly compact housing.

The M-Series roll-up tonneau cover has other features as well. Not only does it keep your gear out of sight from hoodlums that might enjoy “repurposing” it for you, but the M-Series also comes with a built-in lock on its external handle to add that extra layer of security. So unlike other locking tonneau covers in its class, you don’t have to open the tailgate to lift it away.

Worried about the weather? Roll-N-Lock has you covered. We wouldn’t recommend parking next to a burst fire hydrant, but superior water-repelling abilities means you won’t be rushing to get the tarp out every time the clouds turn a darker shade of grey, either. And this roll-up tonneau cover has you extreme weather-ready with two additional details – a sliding cover for the locking tailgate mechanism makes a big difference in winter, preventing ice from getting between you and your cargo. And a rubber insulated grip on the handle keeps your fingers from being singed even after your truck has been parked in record-breaking heat all day.

For a dose of added organization, equip your truck bed with the matching Roll-N-Lock Cargo Manager that has been carefully designed to fit the M-Series premium tonneau cover. The Cargo Manager can be customized within your truck bed to help organize your gear, and it doesn’t require an hourly cigarette break like most other managers you’ve had to deal with throughout your lifetime.


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