JackRabbit’s weather-resistant, padded ArmorTek™ deck is laminated to rigid aluminum panels. It offers the strength and security of a metal tonneau cover but with the look and feel of a soft cover. It’s flush-fit mount makes it easy to clean and gives it a sleek, streamlined look.


Cover locks into place every 12″ on long- or short-bed trucks, SpeedClamp™ installation requires no drilling or cutting for most trucks, Constructed from weather-resistant polymer, Retracts smoothly and easily with heavy-duty spring-action.


BEDSLIDE – Turn your truck bed into and easy-access sliding drawer.
DECKED – Storage System that organizes and safely stores your gear.
BEDRUG –  Ultra-tough, 100% polypropylene protective bed cover.


FOR 3 YEARS: Delamination of the ArmorTek deck, Separation of the Bedlocker/Full Metal deck panels, Failure of the Continuous Tension Spring, Failure of the Bedlocker drive system, All lock assemblies, All hardware and components. See Store for more details.

◊ SpeedClamp™ installation requires no drilling or cutting for most trucks

◊ Retracts smoothly and easily with heavy-duty spring-action

◊ Cover locks into place every 12″ on long- or short-bed trucks


How secure is the Pace Edwards JackRabbit Tonneau Cover?

The cover panels are made from polymer laminated heavy duty aluminum which is stout and sturdy. It would require a lot of force and dedication to puncture the surface. Out of sight, out of mind is key. Covering your gear severly limits someone’s interest in what may or may not be in the truck bed. As long as your tailgate is locked, the cover is very secure.

Is the JackRabbit bed cover waterproof?

Ultimately no truck bed cover is totally waterproof, unless it’s a fully overlapping style. Most retractable covers do an excellent job however keeping major water out, due to the fact that the rails run uninterrupted down the entire length of the bed.

Where is the JackRabbit bed cover made?

The JackRabbit tonneau covers are made in the USA.

Can I put cargo on top of the JackRabbit bed cover?

Yes, putting cargo on top of the JackRabbit tonneau is possible. Absolute maximum capacity is not published but it’s designed to take the full weight of a snow storm. 100-200 lbs evenly distributed is likely no problem but not verified by the manufacturer.

How do I lock the JackRabbit if my truck doesn’t have a tailgate lock?

The JackRabbit locks and comes with keys. If fully closed, it overlaps the truck bed, preventing the bed from opening. For even more protection Pop & Lock Tailgate Locks are available for most trucks as an aftermarket solution that can be retrofitted if your truck was not originally equipped with a tailgate lock.


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