Finally, a cover as tough as your work. Our 100RCC is fortified with structural reinforcement to handle tough jobs while looking epic. Whether you use it for odd jobs or depend on it for your living, its rugged construction won’t let you down. Oh, and you can add your roof rack system to it easily.


Limited 5 Year Color and Structure Warranty, 12V Fuse Box, Recessed LED Third Brake Light, Interior LED 20″ Light Bar, Custom Fit Design, Interior Wire Loomed and Secured, Fixed Front Window, Axalta Automotive Paint, Fiberglass Base Rails for Structural Integrity.


BEDSLIDE – Turn your truck bed into and easy-access sliding drawer.
DECKED – Storage System that organizes and safely stores your gear.
BEDRUG –  Ultra-tough, 100% polypropylene protective bed cover.


LIMITED 5 YEAR WARRANTY. As long as you own your LEER® brand recreational fiberglass truck cap installed by Toppers Plus on the original vehicle, that it will be free from defects in material and workmanship of the fiberglass structural material below the color surface.

◊ LEER Fiberglass Construction with Commercial Cap Structural Reinforcement

◊ Solid Sides with Optional Doors and Windows

◊ Recessed Framed Door with Double T-handle Locks


Front Options: 

  • Roped-in Fixed Front Window – Standard

  • Radius Framed Front Picture Window

  • Radius Framed Removable Front Picture Window – N/A with Tool Boxes

  • Radius Framed Removable Front Sliding Picture Window – N/A with Tool Boxes

  • Radius Front Sliding Window

Side Door Options: 

  • Solid Sides – Standard (No doors or windows)

  • 50/50 Radius Side Sliding Window with Screen

  • Pet Screens for Side Sliding Window

  • Radius Side Windoor Slider

  • Radius Side Windoor (Dark tint glass)

  • Fiberglass Painted Access Door

Tool Box Options: (Requires Painted Side Access Door)

  • Tool Box 16″H x 12″D

  • Rubberized Non-Slip Mat for Tool Box Floor

  • Storage Solutions – Parts Bines and Shelf Bins

Tool Box Shelf/Divider Options: 

  • Includes Powder Coated (White) Metal Tool Box, Shelf, or Divider

Interior Lighting/Power Options: 

  • NEW 12V LED Light Bar – 20″

  • NEW 12V LED Light Bar – 40″

  • 12V Dome Light Gas Prop Switch (Switch is available per door)

  • 12V Three Outlet Power Block

Interior Options:

  • Interior Headliner – Standard (Choice: Black or Grey)

  • Cargo Hooks: 4 DS, 4 PS, or 8 DS & PS

Rear Door Options: 

  • Recessed Dark Tint Rear Door with Double T-Handles – Standard

  • Solid Rear Door with Color Matched Aluminum Insert

  • Solid Rear Door with Color Matched Fiberglass Insert, Drop T-Handle

Exterior Rack Options: 

  • Kargo Master Pro lll Cap Mount Rack

  • Thule Tracker ll Roof Rack System with Locks

  • Thule Aeroblade Roof Rack System with Locks

  • Thule Tracks Only

  • CapRac – Commercial Rack System (2 – Bar Set with 4 Load Stops)

Prime Design Ladder Racks: 

  • AluRack™ Ladder Rack

  • ErgoRack™ Single Clamping Ladder Rack

  • ErgoRack™ Double Clamping Ladder Rack

  • ErgoRack™ Single Clamping/Single Rotation Ladder Rack

  • ErgoRack™ Dual Rotation Ladder Rack

Prime Design Ladder Rack Accessories: 

  • AluRack™ Quick Clamp Option – DS or PS

  • ErgoRack™ Quick Clamp Option

  • ErgoRack™ “Go” Beacon Light Mounting Bracket

  • ErgoRack™ “Strobe” Beacon Light Mounting Bracket

  • ErgoRack™ Conduit Tube 5″ x 10′

  • ErgoRack™ “Strobe” Beacon Light Mounting Bracket for Conduit Tube


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