With two near full-length, side-opening panels, you now have complete open access th your entire bed from both of the DiamondBack 180. This means you can work and play directly out of your truck without having to crawl into the bed to reach stuff.


With butterfly doors that run the length of your truck bed, you now have complete open access to your entire bed from both side of your truck. Keyed lock handles actuate steel lock rods that keep your equipment secure. A thick EPDM compression gasket keeps water out your bed.


BEDSLIDE – Turn your truck bed into and easy-access sliding drawer.
DECKED – Storage System that organizes and safely stores your gear.
BEDRUG –  Ultra-tough, 100% polypropylene protective bed cover.


DiamondBack products come with a limited lifetime warranty which covers both the manufacture and parts of the cover, excluding factory-applied coatings which are covered for 3 years from adhesion issues only. Register your warranty online.

◊ Two near-full length side panels

◊ 400-lb hauling capacity

◊ EPDM compression gasket creates a barrier to water, snow, or ice, keeping your cargo dry

◊ Made of aluminum diamond plate, the DiamondBack 180 tonneau cover can’t crack, rip or tear like other tonneau covers providing unmatched durability against everyday abuse.


Can you open and close the tailgate without opening a DiamondBack?

Yes. Because DiamondBack covers rest on top of the cargo box’s rails, bulkhead and tailgate and do not engage with the tailgate, opening and closing your tailgate while the cover is closed will be no issue. Even with a load on top of the cover. Auto-opening the tailgate via key fob may not work.

Can I stand or walk on my DiamondBack SE, DiamondBack 270, or DiamondBack 180?

Yes. Those covers are rated at 400 lbs, so as long as you do not exceed that limit, you are good to stand or walk on top.

Are the hinges vulnerable to tampering due to them being on top of the cover w/ the bolts exposed?

Not as vulnerable as you may think. We utilize flat-head machine screws and nylon lock-nuts to fasten our hinges to the cover. The nylon lock-nuts make it very difficult to loosen the screw from the topside of the cover only.

Does a DiamondBack make my truck bed hot?

A DiamondBack cover will make the inside of your bed hotter than if it wasn’t there. Anytime you remove flowing air from a space, the temperature in that space is more likely to rise, just as it is in your truck’s cab.

Does the cover come with all its weatherstrip already on?

Yes, with one exception. In addition to the neoprene gasket that’s pre-affixed around the perimeter of your DiamondBack truck bed cover, most late-model pickups will need a single piece of weatherstrip applied to the top of the cargo box bulkhead before the DiamondBack is installed. This piece of weather strip is shipped along with every cover we sell.


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