Truck Tonneaus

Truck tonneaus, or lids, are covers for pickup trucks. Unlike toppers, they run flat along the top of the truck bed. They seal off the bed, basically creating a large trunk. Tonneaus are lockable, and they protect the contents of your truck bed from the elements. Toppers Plus carries a variety of tonneaus, including roll up, retractable and folding lids.

Hard Tonneaus

Hard Tonneaus are great for keeping your valuables safe in your truck bed. They create almost an armor cover across the top of your truck bed. Hard tonneaus are also a great way to add a few MPGs to your truck- they cut down on drag.

Soft Tonneaus

Soft Tonneaus provide a cover for your valuables without being too heavy and hard to maneuver.

Painted to Match

Painted to match tonneaus add function and style to your truck. The specialists at Toppers Plus will mix an exact paint match to your truck and paint these hard tonneaus for you.