Extang’s EnCore tri-fold, low profile truck bed cover offers a high end, straight from the factory look. This matte finish matches the bed rail caps’ plastic grain creating a cohesive look between the truck and the truck bed cover. Product Eligible for Enhanced Manufacturer Warranty When Installed by Toppers Plus*


Lightweight, 1-inch thick EnduraShield panel provides the ultimate in dent & scratch resistance, weight rating of 600 lbs evenly distributed, Featuring BOLT® breakthrough one-key lock technology, by using your truck’s ignition key to lock the front panel.


BEDSLIDE – Turn your truck bed into and easy-access sliding drawer.
DECKED – Storage System that organizes and safely stores your gear.
BEDRUG –  Ultra-tough, 100% polypropylene protective bed cover.


The Extang EnCore carries a three-year warranty against defective materials or workmanship on all tonneau rails, aluminum components, clamps, bows, hardware. See Toppers Plus for additional warrany information and product inquiries.

◊ 3-panel hard folding cover offers versatility when accessing and hauling cargo

◊ EnCore self latching design allows you to quickly install or remove your cover

◊ Low profile design allowing 1″ thick panels to sit only 1/2″ above the bed for a sleek look


How secure is the Extang Encore Tonneau?

The cover panels are made from aluminum with an EPS core structure which is strong and heavy duty. It would require a lot of force and dedication to puncture the surface. Out of sight, out of mind is key. Covering your gear severly limits someone’s interest in what may or may not be in the truck bed. As long as your tailgate is locked, the cover is relatively secure.


Is the Extang Encore waterproof?

Ultimately no truck bed cover is totally waterproof, unless it’s a fully overlapping style. Most hard folding covers do a pretty good job keeping major water out, but their joint sections can allow minor water ingress under extreme weather conditions. The Encore uses a wider design that does a better job covering the rails of the truck bed to be one of the best hard fold covers for weatherproof performance.


Where is the Encore bed cover made?

Encore bed covers are made in the USA.


Can I put cargo on top of this bed cover?

Yes, putting cargo on top of the Solid Fold is possible. There is no official published capacity, but similar construction tonneaus do fine up to about 300 lbs of evenly distributed weight.


How do I lock the Encore if my truck doesn’t have a tailgate lock?

Pop & Lock Tailgate Locks are available for most trucks as an aftermarket solution that can be retrofitted if your truck was not originally equipped with a tailgate lock.


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