Ford Shorty Low Profile (4055)

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Ford Shorty (5 ft bed trucks) Retractable Tie Downs – Bull Ring 4055

  • 1 Pair Bull Ring FXT Flush Fit, Stainless Ring, Stainless Chassis, Nylon Lower Body with sound dampening, Flush to Rail Fit
  • Recommend 4056 for first set-(Includes Router Bits) 4055 for 2nd and 3rd set
  • Flush with Rail- All Stainless- Perfect for Tonneua covers – Hidden Pocket 5 ’ bed trucks
  • Snaps Up- Snaps Down- 1000 pound capacity – lifetime warranty
  • Fit Chart in Images on Every Bull Ring Listing – Rail Cap trim Required For This Installation

America’s largest selling truck is not just the Ford F-150, but the F-150 with a 5-1/2’ bed. If your plan is to order only 1 pair, order item ”Bull Ring 4056 Ford Short Bed W/Router Bit” If you want to order all 4 (2 pair) order this item plus ”Bull Ring 4056 Ford Short Bed W/Router Bit”to save a few dollars. For years this Ford model has not been available with pop out covers built into the rail cap over each of the 4 stake pockets. Well now Bull Ring has an excellent solution for that with the new Ford Shorty Bull Ring. For the installation we’ve developed a custom router bit that enables you to quickly and easily trim out the top plastic rail to a perfect match of the steel pocket underneath. The design of our router bit incorporates 4 roller bearings that run along the steel pocket as a guide and all without scratching or cutting the painted surface of the rail. Now you’re ready to install the low profile Ford Shorty Bull Ring and may we say, this is the best looking Bull Ring design to date. And if your plans include a tonneau cover, Ford Shorty works seamlessly with that installation as well.