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Water resistant Breathable Fabric
A water resistant , breathable membrane helps protect your guns from water damage. Microscopic holes in the breathable membrane allow moisture to get out – not in. This also helps prevent rust and corrosion in guns that are put away clean into a DRI-HIDE and stored in high moisture areas.

Camo Patterns
Nature’s Perfect Camo™ features hand painted original artwork by Jon Noack, wildlife artist. DU-HA, Inc. has developed Nature’s Perfect Camo™, the latest in designer camo, specifically for Dri-Hide gun protectors.

Flushing Pheasants

DU-HA DRI-HIDE - Nature's Perfect Camo - Flushing Pheasants Pattern

Whitetail Racks

DU-HA DRI-HIDE - Nature's Perfect Camo - Whitetail Racks Pattern

Fold and Roll!
The DRI-HIDE folds and rolls into a compact, easy to carry and easy to store size. Carry the DRI-HIDE in your pocket or use a carabiner to hang it from your belt loop when you uncase your gun.
Fold and roll from barrel tip to stock. Fold and roll into a small easy to carry size when not in use.