3 Benefits of BEDSLIDES!

BEDSLIDE Accessories were invented to make your life easier. We all have been through those moments, where you are trying to utilize your whole truck bed. This can sometimes end unorganized and some new back pain. Here are just a few reasons to get a BEDSLIDE.

1. Access Everything

This simple addition can go a long way. Set everything in your truck exactly how you want it, without the back pain of getting up and down from the truck bed. Not only can you store things easier, but now just pull the handle out to have immediate access to anything in your truck bed.

2. Weather Resistant

If you have lived in Wichita long, you know mother nature can be a little hectic. Don’t worry about unpredictable weather with your new BEDSLIDE. These are weather resistant, made right here in the USA. The cherry on top is the lifetime warranty, if you register! You can also get yourself a topper, that way your truck is the most weather resistant you can get!

3. Easy to Install and Remove

Made of light weight material, this is one of the easiest accessories to install. You can do it in minutes, or bring it to us for help installing. BEDSLIDE makes a great how to install video on their website, if you can’t make it into us!